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About Normerica

     Ronald S. Hill Developments Inc. is the Authorized Dealer for Normerica products in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. With its distinctive homes, club houses, resort lodges and restaurants located throughout Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe, Normerica Building Systems Inc. is now one of the oldest and most important manufacturers of prefabricated timber and panelized building structures in North America.

     Sophisticated technology, unequaled quality control and outstanding design creativity have contributed to bring Normerica to the leadership position it now enjoys world wide.

     Only Normerica offers two very distinctive building choices, that can be used separately or blended creatively together. We call our two building systems - Post & Beam and Panels-Plus. While Normerica's two design systems are distinctively different, each can be used in a combination with the other.

     Normerica has developed and markets its two distinctive Shell Package choices for over 40 different brochure models. In addition, a large portion of the company's production is made up of complete custom designed buildings to suit the specific needs of the North America and Overseas markets. Normerica also complements its Shell Packages with a complete selection of Finishing Package materials such as stairs, trim, doors, kitchens and pre-finished hardwood flooring, pre-selected on the merits of convenience, quality, service and value. Normerica offers a dynamic and versatile product line that can be adapted to meet the needs of the most demanding purchaser to create a home with architectural distinction and superior quality at an affordable price.

P.O. Box 550, 120 hwy. 105, Wakefield, Qc J0X 3G0
Tel.1-800-863-2367 or 819-459-2367
Fax 819-459-3335